2018 Germany GP: Bratwurst, Warm Potato Salad, and Mixed Green Salad

What a race! So many unexpected turns of events and what felt like a redemptive victory for Hamilton after his loss at Silverstone and his break down in qualis on Saturday. From being slumped over his car almost in tears, to jumping in celebration in tears of joy, what a difference a day makes! 

With rain and a mixed up pack, this race was destined to be an exciting one and it didn't disappoint. It is always a shame to see a driver crash out at their own home race, especially when they are destined for victory, but it is all part of the game! Vettel will bounce back and lives to fight another day. 

Thinking about Germany always makes me immediately crave brats. I know there is more to their cuisine than that, but who am I to deny a craving?

German meal

Brats can be done in many ways, but a favorite for me is poaching in beer and then either grilling or pan frying until just crispy on the outside and still juicy on the inside. It's a pretty easy dish to make without a recipe, but in case one would help: Sausages Poached in Beer recipe from 2016. If you are not much of a cook-with-beer fan, these are great even just poached in some water or chicken stock and then pan fried at the end. 


To go along with it this year I made the ubiquitous German Warm Potato Salad, which after tasting the first bite I realized why it is so ubiquitous, one word: Yum. In addition, we made a Mixed Green Salad with Horseradish dressing. Surprising flavors all around, but perfect together with some savory brats. 

Germany dishes

Last but not least, for race day snackage I tried my hand at Pretzels, so good! Not nearly as tricky as I expected and so delicious hot out of the oven. Dipped in some grainy mustard, we were in heaven.