2019 F1 Race Calendar and Car Launches

2019 is here whether we are ready or not!

Clearly, I am not ready given the fact that we are already a month into 2019 and I am just now acknowledging its presence. But there is nothing like a new livery launch to shake me out of a winter haze and remind me that F1 is coming back! 

I've got the new 2019 Calendar up, and I am busy researching new recipes as we speak. I got a few kitchen gems for the holidays including a new book on Basque cooking, a sweet new Dutch Oven, a pizza peel bigger than I know what to do with, and some very adorable tiny whisks. We have also been experimenting with a new sous vide and I have never had a better steak in my life! In addition to checking out new food and gadgets, we have been keeping an eye on Formula-E this year as well. The short races and quirky commentary has kept us entertained so far! Have you checked it out?

The 2019 Car Launches started this week and span over the next few weeks. I am particularly excited to see Haas and Racing Point to see what new liveries they show off. 

Image from Formula1.com

Image from Formula1.com

As an intro to this season, I wanted to also mention that I am hopeful that I will be able to cook and post and keep this blog active over this coming year, but I am currently taking on a teaching opportunity, landscaping my backyard, working a couple jobs, and trying to get enough sleep to not go crazy. So if I'm a bit delayed or skip a race or two... forgive me? I would love to hear what you are up to and see what you are cooking! Tag me on instagram @f1cookbook or shoot me a message at f1cookbookblog -at- gmail -dot- com. You can also comment here!  

Cheers and Happy Belated New Year!