Australian Grand Prix - Burgers!

The Australian Grand Prix at Melbourne holds a special place in most F1 fan's hearts as it is the spring to our long cold winter. The first race of the new F1 season! Not only do we get to look forward to seeing all the new liveries, and meet the new drivers... but we also get to have some Australian deliciousness, in the form of BURGERS.


This my friends is the Aussie Burger "with the lot".


And yes, that is a Foster's...


both kinds!


And that is what SUCCESS looks like.

We've been doing this cooking and eating with the races thing for 3 or 4 years now. This recipe has never changed. When you meet perfection... just go with it.

Aussie Burger with the lot

Adapted from: (among others)

For each burger:

Burger Bun
Homemade hamburger patty (ground beef, onion, salt, pepper, optional: egg and bread crumbs)
1 slice of cheddar cheese
Lettuce leaf
1 tomato slice
3-4 slices Beetroot (sliced pickled beets), canned
1 slice of pineapple, canned rings or fresh slice
1 slice of red onion
1 bacon (Canadian) slice
1 egg

Mix ground beef with chopped onion (slightly cooked if preferred), salt and pepper - mold into patties.

Grill or pan sautee sliced onions until browned and a little crisped at the edges.

Grill or pan fry: pineapple slices and Canadian bacon.

Grill or cook burger patty to medium rare or as you like it.

Melt cheese on burger patty.

Pan fry egg until just done.

Pile on bun in this order: Bottom bun, mayo (optional), lettuce, tomato, pickled beets, onion, burger with cheese, grilled pineapple, Canadian bacon, fried egg.

Ketchup on the top bun... try to hold it together and enjoy!

We like to serve this either with a cold Foster's (when in Rome?) or with a crisp glass of champagne, because there is not much better in life than a burger and bubbly.

Happy Days!