Margaritas? Yes, please. 

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My family has a love affair with margaritas. We joked for years that when my brother-in-law had kids he would name them Jose and Margarita. 

It also just so happens that we love Mexican food, especially all forms of tacos. Growing up in California gave us plenty of opportunities to sample the best of what Mexican-American establishments have to offer, and although thier food can be outstanding, their margaritas are pure crap. Too Americanized to the sugary-sweet palate of most of their customers, they are undrinkable. 

We are here to remedy that, with this gorgeousness. It only takes one to feel like you could dance salsa with the best of them, and eat all those tacos at the taco bar, so be careful! 

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"Juan's"  Margaritas

6 parts silver tequila
2 parts fresh lime juice
2 parts triple sec
1 part agave nectar

Stir all ingredients together, serve over ice in a salt rimmed glass.


These are the creation of hard research and many years of taste testing by my husband's brother John, and they will forever be immortalized as the drinks that made the following events happen:

My mother and my mother-in-law both broke down in giggle-fits at my engagement party. 
My friend fell asleep face down on a pool floaty ALL night at a summer party. 
A man lit fire to a palm tree in a back yard and failed to notice until someone sprayed him and the tree down with a hose -- which he found quite rude. 
And many other ridiculous and amazing travesties. 

I recommend one with a side of carnitas tacos, and then maybe a few Corona's if you're feeling thirsty :) 

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