Mediterranean Sauco Cocktail

Mediterranean Suaco

Modern Spanish drinking culture seems particularly keen on a few liquors in particular, those of Vermouth and Gin. And not necessarily together, though that sounds like a drink I know... 

Vermouth seems to instead be a stand alone day drinkers friend, perfect for sipping alongside some tapas and a group of friends. In fact one of my favorite articles is entitled How to Day Drink Like a Spaniard in Saveur magazine, all about Vermouth drinking culture. I have a super simple vermouth cocktail recipe up on the blog, if you want to experiment! 

For today's addition, we went for the other favorite: Gin. 

This recipe is adapted to what we could find in the States. The original recipe calls for Sauco which appears to be a liqueur made from the elderberry. However, we could not find anything resembling that here. So we went for elderflower liqueur, in this case St. Germaine, with lovely results. 


Mediterranean Sauco

Adapted from TheDailyMeal

2 oz gin
½ oz elderflower liqueur
1 ½ oz cava (or to fill glass)

In a cocktail mixer over ice combine gin and elderflower liqueur, stir to combine until well chilled. Pour into coupe glass, top with cava.