Singapore Grand Prix Preview

Singaporean cuisine is vibrant, complex, and incorporates components of so many different cultures including influences from the native Malays, as well as Chinese, Indonesian, Indian, Peranakan and Western traditions.  Wikipedia even states, “In Singapore, food is viewed as crucial to national identity and a unifying cultural thread. Singaporean literature declares eating a national pastime and food a national obsession.”

Singapore is on my short list of far-off countries to visit. As well as my short list for F1 races to go to. My husband and I stated on the count of three our top four race destinations: Montreal, Austin, Spa, Singapore. Word for Word. Montreal, because, well, Montreal: Canada, Joe Beef, Hiking, an awesome racetrack. Austin because it is the closest to home and for lack of a better description it is the San Francisco of Texas, which sounds like a great description to me! Spa because that is where a large part of my husband's family came from and where many of them still live, also because any possible reason to go the Ardennes and the home of the best beer in the world is a good one. 

And Singapore... well maybe this Ferrari poster will START to tell you why. 

Or maybe you need to watch some early episodes of Anthony Bourdain where he raves about the food and slurps noodle dishes with abandon while barely noticing the cameras are there, he is in such foodie heaven. 

Or perhaps it is the race itself. It is the first night race in F1 and it is hands down gorgeous. The lights gleaming, the larger than life Ferris wheel sparkling, the cars careening around the track, it is one of the all-time best F1 spectacles. 

I cannot wait to make food for this race. On the docket so far are:

Singaporean Chili Crab
Popiah (Spring Rolls)
Char Kway Teow (Wide Rice Noodles with Pork and Prawns)
Soft-Cooked Eggs with Kaya Jam and Toast
Pandan Chiffon Cake
Mango pudding

Hmm... I might need to cut down on that list. But I am absolutely sold on making Char Kway Teow and Singaporean Chili Crab. If I find myself lost in the aisles of 99 Ranch (which is highly likely) I might just try to make it all!