Brazilian GP - Pastel and Coxinha (Vacation Edition)

Even on Oahu with the beach 15 feet from our Airbnb and the sunset streaming pink through the windows we managed to watch the Brazilian race. It was a good thing it was exciting enough!

I did not make anything for the race... since a hotplate and Hawaiian grocery prices just did not combine to make a tempting enough setting for creative cooking. But we did find a Brazilian Food Truck!

Thanks to Crispy Grindz in Haliewa, Oahu, we had some awesome coxinha and pastel, along with some local brews on the beach before heading back to our Airbnb to watch the race. 

Next year I will make up for not cooking this year by making everything in the cookbook Luiz got for us as a goodbye present before he headed back to Brazil- I promise it will be epic!

This post is delayed and short, but I hope some sunset pictures make up for it this time around. 

On a side note, if you happen to find yourself in Oahu anytime soon, there are a few things I highly recommend  you try:

ALL the Poke - Foodland has an awesome selection as does Tamura's liqour stores and many a restaurant
Garlic shrimp from any of the food trucks along the Windward side or in Haliewa (we liked Camaron's)
Butter mochi - a ridiculously delicious dense cake sold at most grocery stores, Foodland's is to die for
Beer from Maui Brewing Company, they were hands down the favorite... and we tried a few
A drink or two at La Mariana Sailing club - we recommend the tapas style starters, especially the Ahi Spring Roll - it was the hands down favorite of everyone at the table, along with the Zombie

If you're interested in places to hike, kayak, or snorkel let me know and I'm happy to pass along those recommendations as well!

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